The Center for Continuous Improvement organizes its resources and strategic network into seven institutes, each focused on a specialty that is integral to an organization’s overall ability to grow profitably... and sustain profitable growth over the long term. 

While each institute represents a center of excellence in their particular area of focus, our organization is designed to interact seamlessly for the maximum benefit of our clients.

Institute for Transformational Leadership

The world is replete with millions of ‘managers’... but its difficult to find many strong leaders. Why?

After all, more than three thousand books have been written on the subject of leadership over the last decade or so. It’s not like leadership best practices are some kind of secret. 

Have you ever been frustrated about having your people attend the latest leadership workshop or seminar, or even take a college class on the subject, only to see no discernable difference in their ability to lead. Ever feel frustrated by that phenomenon? Don’t feel like the Lone Ranger... you are not alone!

The fact is... leaders, and even great leaders, are not born... they are made... one experience at a time.

Our Institute for Transformational Leadership is about understanding the what, how, and why of great leadership, and imbedding the knowledge an habits of thought in a proven, repeatable processes that transforms “managers” into true leaders... from the inside-out!

Someone wise once said, “It’s not how much you pay a man that counts... it’s how much he costs you.” Every working minute of every day your managers, supervisors, and employees are making decisions that either make or cost you money.

What would it mean for you to turn your people from employees to profit generators?

Institute for Lean Enterprise Solutions and Organizational Transformation

In today’s hyper-competitive world speed saves. Who can afford to waste time, energy, and resources?

Our Institute for Lean Enterprise Solutions and Organizational Transformation focuses on helping clients understand and apply practical techniques and tools that exponentially improve their organization’s ability to compete and grow profitably. Regardless of industry or function, roughly 95% of businesses waste up to 90% of their resources on a daily basis.

Lean isn’t mean. Despite some of the bad press the idea of Lean has received, in our three decades of experience with implementing lean principles and transformation methods, it has served only to preserve jobs that would have been lost had lean not come along.  It works because it is a practical, common sense way to help people make their lives more productive, enjoyable, and interesting.

If you could double your organization’s productivity in the next twelve months, what would that allow you to do that you can’t do now?

Institute for Accelerated Growth

Double digit growth year over year is something that mosts businesses just dream about. But for those who are tired of day-dreaming and want to make it happen there are known requirements that must be met. Rapid growth means increased complexity and demands changes in habits, structures, and processes that are often unfamiliar territory, especially for entrepreneurs. The experts with our Institute for Accelerated Growth have the expertise and experience to help clients navigate those treacherous waters.

What would it mean for you to experience double-digit growth year over year...every year... and do it profitably?

Institute for Advanced Strategic Thinking & Business Planning

“If you don’t know where you are going, any path will take you there.”  In his best seller “Built to Last”, Jim Collins presents a compelling argument for having an inspiring vision for an organization. Unfortunately, that’s where most companies spend their time... word-smithing a vision statement. Little time and effort is spent on thinking strategically and planning the tactics that will make their vision a reality.

Our studies have shown that while most organizations have done some work on strategic planning, most of those that have struggle with executing their strategy. When we ask, “How well is your strategic plan being actualized on a daily basis by everyone in the organization?”, we usually get a blank stare as management’s response. The reason for that is the difficult but necessary work of cascading the plan down to the department and individual level is either done haphazardly, or not done at all.

In the entrepreneurial world, business plans are something that are done to take to the bank for a line of credit, or to show to possible investors. Almost never do we see them being utilized as useful tools for building the business with meaningful strategy or tactics.

Our Institute or Advanced Strategic Thinking and Business Planning provides a proven process that helps organizations create the compelling vision, identify the critical goal categories, and develop written specific action steps that makes the vision come to life!

What would it mean for you, your employees, and your company if you could invest more time working ‘on’ the business and less time working ‘in’ the business?

Institute for Applied Innovation Engineering

In Doug Hall’s best selling business book, “Jump Start Your Business Brain”, the product development guru describes the keys to what makes a product or service take the market by storm. Our experts from our Instituted for Applied Innovation Engineering help clients use a practical step-by-step methodology to develop new products, services, and market messages... and take them to the market in a way that is faster, cheaper, and more effective than traditional approaches.

What would it mean to you if your profit margins were double that of those in your industry?

Institute for Sustainability

Whether you like it or not, clean and green is here to stay. Companies that consciously work to reduce their environmental foot print save resources and money, and will garner “preferred” status in their markets, regardless of the industry. You don’t have to manufacture bio-fuels or have trees growing out of the top of your facility to be green... though some companies are doing just that!

Our Institute for Sustainability focuses on helping existing operations discover practical ways to get clean and go green, whether operationally or with their products and services. Our clients often achieve 20:1 return on their investment in the first year!

What would that kind of payback do for you?

Institute for Manufacturing Excellence

Manufacturing is the backbone of sustainable economic growth and real wealth creation. It is also a globally competitive industry. No longer do manufacturers compete with companies in the next town or the next state. Success in today's manufacturing environment demands a commitment to excellence in every function, every process, and every person involved in the operation.

CCI's Institute for Manufacturing Excellence is focused on helping manufacturing companies make step-changes in performance, and sustain those improvements over the long term. We routinely help manufacturers discover and implement strategies and tactics that generate measurable order-of-maginitude performance increases in less than twelve months.

What would it do for you if, within the next year, you could substantiall increase throughput, cut your cycle time in half, increase inventory turns by a factor of four, double productivity, or attract and retain profitable employees?