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"I am about to achieve the biggest goal of my life.  It has been a long time coming but I stayed with my schooling.  I should be finish with my Bachelor’s Degree by this coming January 8th.  I thought I would share this with you.  Keep up the good work and continue to help all of us.  Thank You Again Michael Harbaugh and Coach!!"

-- Chuck J. (engineering manager, equipment manufacturing)

"Michael is very passionate about helping others succeed. As a career coach, he assisted me in improving my leadership skills, which catapulted me to the next level in my career. Not only was I more confident in what I expected for my career, but I was also more driven to step into new territory based on the goals I created with Michael's assistance."  

-- Stacey D. (national teacher of the year finalist)

"I have become more effective in managing people because I think about the effect of the decisions I make, and the effect of my attitude and behavior on the attitudes, behaviors and performance of my employees. It helped me pull away from daily tasks long enough to think long term and understand the perspective of my employees. I would strongly recommend this process to anyone in a management position.”  

-- (general manager, manufacturing and distribution company)

"Michael is an outstanding resource - we have worked together for several years providing assistance to the state's manufacturing industry.”                                                      

-- Clay W. (director, university industrial outreach)

"Through this unique way of improving people and processes we have increased our top line run rate by 17% and our bottom line 36% in six months, without significant capital investments. Thanks to Michael Harbaugh’s methods we are positioned to dramatically accelerate the growth of our business.”                                                                                 

-- John Z. (president, heavy manufacturing co.)

“The results we have achieved from participating in this process are well beyond my expectations. We have secured more than $300K in new contracts and have identified $500K in annualized cost savings that we will easily achieve using this disciplined approach. The benefits I have personally realized more than outweigh the total investment we made in developing everyone on our leadership team!” 

--William H. (president, construction company)

“I have become more effective as a result of what I have learned. I am more positive and confident in myself.   I set goals and waste less time in achieving them. I will be using this process the rest of my life!”                                                                                                                         

-- Patti W. (owner, sign company)

CCI’s Life Coaching course has been invaluable to me. I cannot put it into words. It has helped my business immensely and improved my personal life too! I will always be grateful”    

-- Melinda S. (million $ plus sales producer)

When I first heard about CCI’s coaching course I thought it would be like other ‘self-help’ books I had read and seminars I had attended. Each day I worked the process and used the material I could see how it changed my way of ‘thinking’, not just my sales skills. It has improved all aspects of my life.”   

-- Chuck M. (million $ plus sales producer)

"Thanks to our work with CCI, we are more focused on written goals that will help guide the company into the future.”

-- Jim S. (global operations manager, multi-national manufacturer)

“The Sales Success process has helped me personally and professionally. Personally, I learned that I can and will take time for myself. Therefore, I can improve all areas of my life to become a more successful person. It was fun to write down my many dreams and record those accomplished. Professionally, I did not think I needed help on how to sell Real Estate. However, I was wrong. The goal setting, affirmations, and spaced repetition ideas in this course made me more motivated to achieve my professional goals. The audio  support provided in the CCI process was outstanding. I look forward to continuous improvement in my personal and professional life.

-- Joree A. (million $ plus sales producer)

This process has made me look in a “mirror” and see who I am as a “person” and as a “person in sales”. It gave me a chance to examine my strengths and weaknesses and build on my strengths and work to change the weaknesses. In the process I learned much about myself, my clients and my competition. Prior to this course I took the days as they came or maybe the days “took” me. Now I am considerably more structured and I set my goals and agenda for the day. In other words, I control the day, not letting the day control me. I have learned to deal with “fear” and “rejection” and put both in proper perspective. In representing a buyer or seller I accept nothing less than my best. I use every happening as an opportunity to improve and learn. Bottom line, I feel this experience has allowed me to improve as a person and as an agent. The knowledge and practice of these principles will continue to help me achieve personal and real estate goals that benefit everyone; myself, my family, others that I interact with, and ultimately GS Real Estate. Oh by the way, my sales volume has doubled over any previous year!”               

-- Vernon B. (million $ plus sales producer)

“Michael has worked closely with our company to develop a very comprehensive training session revolving around problem solving. His previous managerial manufacturing experiences have proven to be beneficial to explain how real plant issues can be solved using various quality management tools,”                                              

 -- Bruce H. (quality manager, manufacturer)

I want to express my gratitude for the wonderful experience of having a life coach. I have done nothing but gain from working with Michael this past year. At the start of the year I was very discouraged, because I didn't have anything going on with my business. I felt like a failure. I wanted to crawl under a rock and hide. I remember sitting in the meeting when first introduced to Michael. I thought "1 gotta give this a try!" I did, and now, I am living proof that Michael's methods work! I am more motivated and focused than I have ever been in my life. I have goals as always, but now I have a set plan in writing that I am following. I sincerely do not feel as though I am saying enough to do the experience justice. Michael's services are priceless to me, because he has taught me how to gain control of my life holistically. I AM A BETTER ME! 2005 was good-but thanks to you and CCI-2006 will be great!”    

-- Miranda P (million $ plus sales producer)

I have been working with Michael Harbaugh for about a year and a half on my personal and professional growth.  I have to be honest, when I first met with this life coach I was so scattered in my professional world I wasn't sure which end was up.  It must be said, I am not a high achiever nor am I very competitive, but because of my secure personality I have great potential to excel as high as I may want to go.  This is what has intrigued me most about Michael and his method of motivation.  He can take a high achiever and light a greater fire under them, spend time evaluating and come up with a plan to help them achieve the world.  On the other hand, you have someone like me that motivational speakers scare half to death!  Michael taught me to focus on what I really wanted, aim for the goal, plan ahead even just a little bit.  You see, its not about being a high achiever, its about reaching your own goals.  Michael helped me do this and all the while encouraged me to reach the goals I wanted, not what he thought I should want. What a different angle for a coach!  Thank you Michael, I can sum my experience up with one word.... FOCUS!”   

-- Dawn H. (million $ plus sales producer)

“Michael is a great consultant and advisor. If given the chance to work with Michael take advantage of the opportunity!” 

-- Jim T. (production manager, machine manufacturer)

The Center for Continuous Improvement workshop with Michael has had a life changing impact in both my professional and personal life. The tools given and the direction shown to me has been beneficial for both me and my family. It has allowed me to increase my productivity from about $600,000.00 to $1.5 million in sales in a 12 month period while having more time to spend with my family. The process has introduced balance into my life by showing my how to subdue old habits and by creating new success habits by using goal setting techniques and working to achieve those goals. The impact on the results has given me more confidence when assisting my buyers and listing clients, which has allowed me to better assist them with their needs, opening the door for long-lasting relationships. The positive results from this experience has shown to me that I can be successful in real estate. It is all about attitude and desire. Michael, I tip my hat to you for assisting me in making positive changes financially, mentally, socially, physically and spiritually. I give to you many accolades and wish you continued success in helping people just be better.”  

-- Darrell B. (million $ plus sales producer)

"Michael is very thorough and professional. He is a great speaker and an expert in his field. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs his services. I have gone to his training presentations and implemented what he taught with great success."                  

-- Paul T. (owner, energy conservation services)

"I worked with Michael personally. I was so pleased with his work that I hired him to work with several of my employees."            

-- John L. (president, commercial contractor)

"Michael is very knowledgeable in the information he provides for building your professional career and personal life. He is easy to work with and works hard to insure that his clients succeed in their professional and personal life." 

-- Brtan H. (engineering manager, manufacturer)

"I've worked on several projects with Michael related to business development projects pertaining to implementation of ISO 9000, 14000 and Business Continuity planning. He has proven to be an excellent resource who quickly gained an understanding of our business and offered advice which was highly effective and custom tailored to our needs while still cost conscious. He has also proven to do whatever it takes, even on short notice to get the job done. While presenting this information to upper management, sometimes with messages they did not wish to hear, he showed a great ability to communicate in the most effective manner as to gain their confidence and trust."                                                                              

-- Andy D. (manufacturing director, high tech company)

"In having worked with Michael in the manufacturing and training environments, Michael has shown his exceptional skill in communicating his ideas and training techniques to associates and upper management. Michael is very knowledgeable in his field of expertise."

-- Jim S. (quality systems/engineering consultant)

"Michael Harbaugh is the consummate professional in all work he performs. Not only that, a good friend now. Personally, I love working with people that you not only get great results from, but build lasting friendships. His work has helped us increase our leadership/management structures of our organization, enabling us to build the foundational systems needed for sustained success....and he's always available for discussions as a friend or colleague." 

-- Tim O. (owner, chemical manufacturing company)

"Michael helped me develop a clear path to meeting my business and personal goals. He started by making sure that my goals were inline with my core values and beliefs. Then he helped me create an actionable plan to reaching my goals and reviewing my goals. I throughly enjoyed working with Michael and I now consider him a good friend. I constantly call him when I have a major issue that I am dealing with. I know that I can expect fair and ethical advice. I highly recommend anyone to spend as much time with him as you can."                                  

-- Brian H. (owner, financial services firm)

"My work with Michael and the Center for Continuous Improvement was a life changer for me. We have been successful in the twenty years since we started our business, but didn’t realize all the opportunities we were missing. I wish we had met Michael 15 years ago... it would have saved or made us millions of  dollars! Thanks to our work with CCI, we now have a clear picture of where our future lies, and a plan to get there." 

-- Nate C. (owner, precision machine manufacturing company)

“A highly professional business consultant, mentor and friend, Michael has coached me through numerous business challenges such as time and priority management, sales training and Neuro-linguistic techniques. His unparalleled role as an accountability partner, extensive knowledge and ethical approach would make Michael a valuable asset to your business.”                              

-- Brian P. (owner, advertising and media firm)

“Michael is very knowledgeable in the information he provides for building your professional career and personal life. He is easy to work with and works hard to insure that his clients succeed in their professional and personal life.”                                          

-- Brian H.. (engineering manager, machine manufacturer)

“Michael defines professionalism. He is detail oriented and goes above and beyond for his customers. He knowledge of business and helping others succeed is top-notch. I would highly recommend Michael to anyone. If you or your business is looking for improvement in any aspect of your business then you should be talking with Michael.”         

-- Paul T. (owner, energy conservation services)

Just want to let you know how much I appreciate you and your work.  I want to say thank to you for your continued support.  Perspective and a positive mental attitude are always important on this journey. Thanks again!”         

-- Don B. (production manager, electrical manufacturing)